These are my articles/pieces that have been published and/or guest posted on various websites/blogs:

When you're the only Christian in the room Relevant Magazine, January 2014

How to love people you don't even like Relevant Magazine, September 2014

How to trust God when your dreams aren't working out Relevant Magazine, May 2015

 When achieving your dreams doesn't make you happy Relevant Magazine, December 2015

Hope to the helpless, February 2016

The Good Fight in February New Hope Girls Inc., March 2016

The Power in our Listening New Hope Girls Inc., March 2016

This Word Called Hope Velvet Ashes, April 2016

The Healing in our Tears New Hope Girls Inc., May 2016

In Her Arms New Hope Girls Inc., October 2016

His Construction Zone New Hope Girls Inc., February 2017

A True Friend, a Covenant Friend Take Root, April 2017

When We're Meant to Trust Him We Are Chapel, May 2017