Thank you for making it this far.

For being compelled enough to come to this page, even watch my video.

I am so excited by this opportunity to continue in the stories of these girls, continue in their lives, and get a glimpse of where they have gone since I was with them six months ago.

I am leaving to see them at the end of February for two weeks and am asking for financial partnership in order to fund my trip. 

Your donations will go towards plane tickets, expenses once I am there, and any additional funds left over will go towards purchasing more equipment that will help me better tell the stories I feel so called to share. 

I am hoping to raise at least $800 and will need $500 within the next two weeks in order to pay for plane tickets. 

I am so grateful this journey is not over, and as I reflect on all the individuals that have been investing in my relationship with New Hope and the Dominican Republic in general I am overwhelmed.

Thank you for believing alongside of me that this is significant. I am trusting the Father and who He has called me to be and what He has called me to do even though it can be so difficult to believe Him sometimes. 

Please share this with others, I want everyone to be invited, to listen, to be welcomed into the lives that really aren't as far away from our own as we think they are.



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These are images from my very FIRST trip to the Dominican Republic that took place in Spring 2014