She Came Off the Pages

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To share a creative space with someone

Can prove to be some of our most vulnerable moments

Because what we have to offer

Actually becomes us

As if we are laying ourselves out

For a use

A purpose

And whether or not we come away

More fragile or free

We are still changed.

And I've realized that the more I allow for these moments

The more I learn about what's on the inside

The things that are meant to be brought forth

The ideas and images and dreams and words that are called out, held out and fabricated.

We opened our hands together,

Evelyn and I.

We said yes to this space in trust and belief

Because we knew what the other was capable of

Even if we didn't know it of our own selves.

And this is what came to be again

In a space that we hold so dear,

even sacred.

Where we were met by a piece of paper that came to life

This object that became living and able to fly

In a light that leaked of gold and rest

Behind a lens that seemed to speak out the poses

That were followed by a body made of shapes and emotion...

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With the most gentle of touch

It came to be

While the sun lit her back

and she let it become 

More than just what she made in secret

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And the closer I inched

the more that I saw

I would step and begin

To believe that what I was seeing

Could actually breath

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I saw a story book that lit behind my simple screen

A growing plot line

A woman deep in the fields

With the most surprising company

She looked like she had just walked off the pages

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But I couldn't forget

What I saw in her too

Because the creature pointed back

To who she was

Because it was now part of her

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And I was the first one

With whom she chose to share

A product of more than just paint and decision

Because what she had inside became made

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And all the positions became like a grid

Or a pattern of flight

That we never planned

It just was and came to be

As if it was her dance

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And I stared at the images

For days I couldn't bring myself

To even begin to grasp

What it would mean to share them

But we knew it would be so

That was our intent

Because how can we share more

If we don't first start...

and so This Became the beginning.