My Heart Leapt

Tonight I was in my kitchen with two of my dearest friends. We sat together drinking tea and eating my special popcorn that I love to make whenever I have people over (except on certain nights when I set the microwave for forty minutes instead of four and it nearly explodes…but that is a different story).

We came together. To listen, to share, to enjoy one another and in the midst of our conversations, our laughter, our love… my heart leapt.

This is what it’s supposed to be like. This is beautiful. This is real relationship.

I realized my love for those two women while we sat there doing life together and in an instant gratitude fled through my soul. I was in the presence of individuals that I couldn’t help but enjoy, admire, and cherish.

In the midst of our bursts of laughter and animated story telling I was captivated by them and it was so good. I knew I was receiving just a little slice of the Father’s heart for them and I was overjoyed.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my remaining weeks here in Corvallis. I only have about four or five left and my heart has wanted to pull away, to begin to create the distance that is all too inevitable. I think of my friends here, many of them who have become family to me, and realize that as I start to miss them now it is just a shadow of what it will be like when I have moved away and many of them are still here finishing their college years, preparing for what the Lord has for them in their next season.

It’s been challenging realizing that my time is limited but the Lord has assured me many times that relationships are worth the pain, worth the distance, worth the goodbyes no matter how short-lived or permanent they may be. He has encouraged me, reminding me that the relationships rooted in Christ are secure in the Kingdom. He will finish what He has started in the blessed friendships and they are simply being held in His incubator, like an egg waiting to hatch in His perfect timing. He reminds me to open my hands and be ready to receive all that He has to give, while also having the willingness to release and not fight against the changes that come with this new journey ahead. 

I am thankful for a God that honors relationships. A Father that longs for His children to have friends, to have family, to be known not just by Him but by others here on earth that we may have a friendship that is just a shadow of what it will be like in eternity. Thank you Lord for joining me in this life with so many individuals that have revealed to me more of who you are, more of your beauty, more of your love, more of your faithfulness, more of your grace and perfect character.