He Saves us because He wants to

“He also brought me out into a broad place; He delivered me because He delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19

A new revelation stirred in my heart earlier this morning. A truth that began to sink in while reading an article about prayer and the Father’s loving heart toward His children... and the verse I posted above was shared. The writer of the article explained that God actually delights in us. Simple truth, yet abstract and distant for many of us who have a hard time understanding God's pure and affectionate heart for them. As I continued to meditate on what it means for God to truly look at me and want all of me, the reality began to take root and the Spirit continued to speak understanding into the area of God's delight.

As I mulled over this verse for several times this prayer surfaced from within:

“You delight in me! What a beautiful mystery, a reality that is hard to grasp but will surely change the inner core of my being. Lord, you don’t just save me because I cry out to you, you save me because you want to, because I’m valuable to you, because your character demands it, because your heart explodes with love for me.”

And the certainty of this truth became more weighty and restless inside my soul. The truth that God doesn’t save us because He has to, but He saves us because He wants to. That He first pursues, then we recognize the need, and we cry out, and He delights to deliver us. That God gave up His son Jesus so that we might be saved…

No one forced Him… No one charged Him… No one could have commanded Him to do so. In fact, many did not even recognize the gift that was given them till after Jesus died, until after He was resurrected, after He appeared to hundreds before His ascension.

I try to imagine the Lord, in all of His might and wisdom, actually delighting to send His son so that we might be saved because we were worth that much to Him. Not that it didn't hurt, not that it wasn't painful, but because the sake of losing His son meant gaining back a people who were always meant to belong to Him. His choice in sending the only savior this world has ever known enables our choice to respond, cry out, and be rescued.

The overseer of every heart, the discerner of every thought, the judge over every life, the Father that longs for His children to be reconciled back to Himself.

And what is our response?

We get to fall in love with Him as He has fallen for us. We get to reach into His presence and be filled with His innumerable blessings and gifts. We get to be shaped by His ever sculpting hands. We get to be directed into pathways of peace and provision. We get to sink deeper into the rhythms of His grace. We even get to initiate conversation with Him as we take the time to sit and seek His face in the morning, noon and night. There are endless encounters awaiting each of us in the presence of a very real God.

I began my quiet time distracted, full of other thoughts and feelings, misdirected and confused and now He is leaving me with more of His love than I had before because He spoke right to the issues multiplying inside. If we just give Him a moment friends, He will change our hearts. If we just give him a second of our divided heart, He will align it with His own. If we take the time to sit and let the Spirit speak, I believe we can come to hear Him loud and clear. He is faithful to do so. Not because He has to, but because He wants to.