Pt. 1: Jehovah Jireh "The Lord will Provide"

I want to share two stories with you…

Two testimonies to be more accurate.


I think testimony can sound like a funny Christian word to many but it happens to be one of my favorites because of the meaning behind.

I use it often, and to make sure I was using it right as I began writing this post I looked up the definition:


“Evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.”


Granted, this is the google-searched definition I found, but I stopped, read, and agreed with the truth rooted within this sentence before me.

In the Christian life, testimony is powerful, it is a tool, something that happens to you. The result of that circumstance, situation, or event turns into proof, evidence, and the appearance of God working in and through your life.

The bible talks about the power of sharing testimony, of bearing witness of the things that God has clearly orchestrated and worked out in your life, in someone else’s life, or like I said through a situation or event. In Revelation we are told that the enemy is overcome by, “the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony…” (Revelation 12:11) and this is how people are also drawn to Christ through these stories that bear witness of His provision within individual lives.

In the last two months there are two testimonies that have been so powerfully produced in my life I simply can’t help but share them. They go hand in hand, clearly displaying my God as Jehova Jireh, which in Hebrew means: “The Lord our provider,” or, “the Lord will provide.”


It started in my last two weeks of college when my laptop I bought the summer before my freshman year was finally on its last leg. It was a generic PC that was definitely not state of the art but always got the job done and I just needed it to last through my last term at OSU and I would be in the clear.

But… Unfortunately… It started to run out of steam and eventually became non-functional right when I had 4 papers to write/finish and all my finals coming up within days of the crash.

I had wanted a new laptop before this instance, even started the search a few weeks before it began to break down. I was looking to buy a MacBook Pro off of someone who was looking to upgrade. I wanted something that would be reliable when I was going off to the Dominican Republic, something that would need minimal repairs and last throughout my year abroad.


I began praying.


And it felt kind of funny.


Many times I’ve felt as a Christian that I’m not supposed to put value on material possessions, not supposed to get sucked into brands, things, items, money…anything that could begin to rob my soul and cheapen the inheritance that is secure in Christ.

And while this is always something to take watch over in our hearts, I couldn’t help but bring this need before my Father, recognizing that He knew my heart and I could trust Him in providing in the way that He saw best.

I started talking to a friend who was selling the laptop I was looking for. He was kind enough to knock the price down a bit, but as I prayed and asked the Lord if this was what He had for me, I began to hear…

He started to speak…


and I almost wished I hadn’t heard Him…


These words…


“I’m going to give it to you for free.”


For free, God?!




I kept trying to push what the Lord had said away… I didn’t want to tell anyone because, again, I felt funny about it all… But as the days went on I continued to seek Him in the midst of my uncertainty and I began to believe what He had spoken.


A few days later I was sitting and asking the Lord if there was anyone else to contact about a laptop that they might be selling. I felt like the He was putting a very sweet family on my heart… a family that had loved me so well in high school. I was a recipient of their generosity countless times, a guest at their dinner table, and their home was a place where I would spend many evenings around their backyard campfire roasting marshmellows and enjoying blessed friendships the Lord had given me in my final years of high school. The Kusters were an example to me of what it looks like to give with abandon and invite people into their home no matter the day or hour.


I messaged my sweet friend Mrs. Kusters asking if they had a laptop that I could possibly buy from them. I didn’t know if they had one around, I didn’t know if this question would catch her off guard, I just felt this tug on my heart as I began to write her a seemingly random request.


In the few days following Stacey shared with me that they did have an extra laptop at their house, a MacBook Pro, exactly what I had been looking for.

But what was even more beautiful, even more evidence, even more awesome, was the fact that they wanted to give it to me as a gift, for a graduation present, and that they would clean out the laptop and give it to me the following week just before all of my papers and finals were due.


I was in awe.


Dumb founded.


And it wasn’t about the laptop, although every time I use it I am reminded of the Kusters and their sweetest generosity. I am blessed by it daily and know it will continue to be a working part in the callings and ministries the Lord is setting before me…


but I quickly realized The Lord gave me more than just a new possession…


He heard my request,


He did exactly as He said He would do, fulfilling each word that He spoke…


“I’m going to give it to you Corinne… and it won’t be of your own doing… It’s going to be straight from my hands… I’m going to use a people that love to give… And I’m going to give you what you’ve imagined for yourself in a way that only I could come through…”


These are words that my Spirit still speaks over me as I reflect on the beauty and glory of my King in this testimony.

When I received the Mac the following week my heart leapt and I continue to reap the blessings from this seemingly unlikely provision.

That is the beauty of our God… He makes the impossible possible. He even does things that we wouldn’t think He would “care about” or “be involved in” and He takes a situation like an almost-graduated-from-college-almost-missionary-broke-girl and provides exactly what is needed in His perfect timing.


And best part is…

He didn’t stop there.