The Most Important Thing About Me

It’s interesting.


Sometimes while I’m sitting.


I get an idea. A word. A phrase.


And I’ll know it’s something to write about. Something to dig into.


Something to share.


While I’ve been here in Costa Rica I’ve met so many people. Seen so many new faces. Experienced new relationships and friendships. I’ve loved it so. But it’s been interesting… Because the most important thing about me doesn’t always surface so soon.


We’ll talk about why I’m here in Costa Rica. My background in Spanish…My background in college… What I will be doing a few months from now, a year from now… But there’s always something tugging in my heart… A reality that within that still feels as though it’s in the shadows…


The most important thing about me.


It’s not as though I hide it.


Because I don’t.


And I’m rarely afraid to share it…



But I’ve realized there is an unseen rhythm. A time and a place. Not something I can plan. Not something I just shout so that people can tuck it away and never address it again because they’ve become alarmed, turned off, or disinterested.


Sometimes I can easily cover it up with other facts, words, reasons and stories. Other times it’s just so unavoidable because it is truly the only way to express the question, statement, or topic discussed.


I think so many can feel like this…


When is it appropriate? Do they REALLY need to know? How will I back this up if I do share? Will they still receive me? What will this say about who I am whether or not it’s true?


Sometimes it feels like a topic that should remain untouched… It could just get in the way… It will change the relationship…


But that’s when I realize…


It’s the most important thing about me.


“I love Jesus…” I’ve said.


“I’m a Christian.” I’ve stated.


“I know the Lord.” I’ve mentioned.


It’s something I want to yell from the rooftops but oftentimes slip silently into conversations based on how others might “feel” or “react”.


But I’ve realized that it’s all okay.


There shouldn’t be shame, embarrassment, fear or hiding… but….


The different interactions, the different reactions, the different relationships and feelings. They will happen.


And it’s okay.


Because what is true is true. My God being the most important thing about me doesn’t change if I mention it in the first two seconds of knowing someone or the first two days or hours…


It goes deeper than expression, deeper than words and statements themselves… If it’s really real and truly at the core of who I am…


I am already named by the one who saved me… Already claimed by the one who made me… Already known by the one who called me. He’s already put His mark on every part of me…


I have to believe there is power in that.  


This identity dependent on my King and not myself, believing that He really has made me a city on a hill that cannot be hidden, a light on the lampstand that cannot be covered, salt of the earth that won’t lose its taste.


My Father, you are the most important thing about me. If I could tell someone one fact of myself for the rest of my life it would be that YOU are Lord of my life, my King, my Faithful Pursuer, my Best Friend. There are no other truths that top the truth you’ve placed within, no other events or characteristics that supersede your presence in my life.


I’ll tell it to whoever, however, wherever while also resting in the reality that I am yours, and I’ll always be sure of it.


This is the statement I got the other day as I sat pondering and thinking of how I might be perceived in this new land.


I thought to myself, what do I want other’s to know? And do the individuals surrounding me here see it?


I love Jesus. He’s my King. He changed me. He’s alive. He sees me.


And it’s the most important thing about me.