"When you're with Me, you become like Me"

It was one morning, turned into an extended afternoon, when my classes had been canceled, my to-do list became slim, and my heart was hungry for His presence. In one moment I had much to do but then the next thing I knew my schedule was being cleared out. I knew that the Lord was behind it all, pursuing my heart, asking me to join Him that day and step into His peace.

A few days before I had felt dried out. I was in need of a dose of revelation, the newness and beauty of Christ to be washed over me and restore my wandering heart. I was tired out by my mind that was constantly running to places of distress and defeat and I couldn’t seem to run to the only one who could give me rest. I was at a worship night during the week and I kept envisioning myself in my house, listening to worship music (United Pursuit in particular) swaying and dancing with the Lord. I wanted it, craved it, believed that we would join together in such worship when I got home that night. Unfortunately, when I arrived later on after the event, I came home to a house full of people and knew the time wasn’t then but still trusted that the Lord would be faithful as He had showed me that time together.

So, it took some time, but then, finally, the next morning when the house was quiet and it was just me and the Lord He gave me four hours of freedom carved out of a day that would have otherwise been rushed and raided with assignments, appointments, and activities. 

I chose to run to Him, I turned on worship music, filling the house with songs of praise, deliverance, hunger, and trust and just worshipped my King as I had pictured myself the night before. I was filled with His Spirit, filled with a renewed joy, accessing His fullness. It was delightful, beautiful, genuine, restful.

As I was there with Him I began to pray out, 

“Jesus, it’s like you’ve just changed everything. I feel so different, so full, so at peace… How is it that in an instant my whole heart is no longer uneasy, fearful or saddened? How is it that I feel so new, so unencumbered by the very things that were just pulling me down and discouraging me?”

And then… He spoke…

“When you’re with Me, you become like Me.”

I could have fallen over. He hit me with truth that made my heart explode with thanksgiving…

The reality that I actually get to:




It sounds too good to be true... That I could actually become like the one who saved me, the one who sees all of me, the one who loves me so deeply and steadfastly, the one who cheers for me and leads me, the one who speaks to me and corrects me so perfectly, the one who fights for me and intercedes on my behalf, the one who will never leave me nor forsake me, the one who gives me Himself every day and faithfully pursues my heart moment by moment, the one who died FOR ME… This is the one I get to become like???

The answer is yes.

We get to become like Him, and it takes getting into His presence, delighting in all that He is, accessing His power and peace, and simply letting Him change your heart as you surrender all of yourself to the only one who could ever restore you to His perfection. 

Because when we begin to see our problems, our confusion, our hurts, our pains through the lens of the Lord our view is flipped upside down completely. The brokenness that was once before us is made whole because He is whole, because He is at work, because He is bigger than any situation, circumstance, context, relationship, difficulty. It all just fades away when measured up against His goodness.  

Thank you God for such a faithful promise. That you don’t just save us and then let us keep living in sin or as defeated individuals… You save us so that we might be made new, sanctified and taken into deeper freedom, deeper glory, deeper truth. 

You can be sure that when you get alone with the Lord His word to me is His word to you, everything will change, because when you're with Him, you'll become like Him. And then, as we become like Him, His character will begin to stick to us like glue and His perspective will begin to permeate all areas of our lives as we acknowledge that we have access to His perspective moment by moment as we walk with Him.