So that the world might know I love Him


Jesus said this. Jesus lived this. He understood the call that was on His life. He knew what was most glorifying to the Father. He knew what it took to show the world that He loved His dad.

I want to set this before myself.

When I mulled over this verse as the morning was breaking and my day was beginning I was astounded… Not just because this was what Jesus understood to be His calling… But because this is my calling as well… My duty… My privilege…

I started thinking about my motivations, the reasons behind my actions, decisions, desires…

Is it because I want others to know that I love the Father?

The more I asked myself this question the more I questioned what it meant.

“Is it really this simple Lord? That obedience to you equals telling the world I love you? That’s what you require of me? That’s why it is necessary to follow you and listen to you, to do what you say, to live out your word?”

I love when I read something in the scriptures and it truly jumps out at me and begins to change my life, my perspective, my purpose in a matter of moments.

Sometimes my days seem so complicated, filled with so much to do and so little energy to accomplish it all because I’m still trying to recover from the previous days, weeks, months of over-packed schedules, events, and plans.

If this was the goal that I set before myself, one that I committed to Jesus every day, that I truly lived by… I’m so curious what would change. To do what the Father calls me to do in order that the world might know that I love Him.

I’m not saying that I never think of doing what the Lord calls me to so that He might be glorified, so that it might be about His love in and through me… But the times where I am self focused, the times when I am consumed with all that there is to DO and BE, the times where I am stressed, worried, afraid, skeptical, overwhelmed… If I just remembered that it was about displaying the Father’s love through obeying what He is calling me to do, seeking to put His will above my own and open my hands to the Lord, receiving and giving to Him in all circumstances I know everything would change. Because God doesn’t call us to do things that will bring us more discomfort, and if He does in the end we will be more filled than we ever had been before because His purpose will be accomplished… His love will be magnified in us… And the discomfort we once felt will pale in comparison to the goodness of His will, the greatness of His glory, the sureness of His grace.

The simplicity of this verse brings me back to the Father’s heart as I realize that I am His child. He is continually teaching me what it means to live in tandem with His commands. We aren’t just obeying Him because it’s the right thing to do… Sometimes it appears to be the crazy thing to do, the illogical thing to do, the HARDEST thing to do… But, when we choose to obey, that is when we begin to experience the lightest of burdens that Jesus tells us about in following Him. Because we are released into the freedom that comes with walking in alignment with the Father's heart.

The purpose behind the obedience is what matters most, and that’s when His love will be more real in your life than ever before… And others will see it, will look at it and realize that there is something greater going on inside of you than you could ever produce in your own power... Because the power of the Holy Spirit will begin to draw others to the goodness of Jesus through what He produces by your simple acts of proclaiming, “Not my will, but yours be done,” and walking in that steadily as His best becomes your everyday reality.

Together we can let this little verse take hold of our wavering heart and watch the Father changes us as we step into a greater obedience in order that the world might know that our allegiance is not to this world, not to sin, not to any lie that the enemy might put in our minds about what we need to do or who we might need to become in order to be accepted, accomplished, well-liked or even loved... It's about HIS PERFECT loved being displayed through a people that know what it means to walk in obedience to a very good Father.

Oh what a purpose to cling to. I'm saying yes today.